Thursday, July 31, 2008

Barack O'Balla?

Maybe he can't score, but he has court vision.

John Paxson: Why I Hate the Hustle

Bulls fans, let's hear it for John Paxson. A true NBA pioneer with a lovable glimmer of retro in both his own personality and in the makeup of all his mediocre Bulls rosters since '02.

I hate the hustle. I can't stand to root on Joakim Noah's development when his maximum potential looks something like Bill Lambier with Rodman's **** in his ass. I can't stand to root on Andres Nocioni while he's getting 8.5 million annually to bitch and wine, rebound and take charges. Talk about potential- he'll never be anything more than what he has shown he can be and he'll especially make sure to eat up as many of Deng's minutes as he can. I could go on but I'll let you do that for the rest of our heavy on the hustle, weak on the talent roster.

I've never been more unappreciate of the white guy who rebounds and plays lockdown defense until this day. I never needed to say it before, but it seems unclear to Mr. to my chagrin I will iterate bluntly- the white guy is a complement. Shouldn't talent always be somewhat of a scouting priority? Alright, I'm getting to worked up- again, I'll let everyone else continue the conversation.

But for a feat thus far unaccomplished and a strategy us white guys hated to love, let's give a round of applause to John Paxson. I would have never thought I'd say this five years ago, when the background of my computer was a split-screen of two encouraging images for the future of our franchise: Pax drilling "the" shot alongside a uniquely palpable handshake with Reinsdorf symbolizing the ushering in of a new era--but here it is: John Paxson you have failed me. I have had your back since day one and you have done nothing but lead me astray. Nothing but lead me into the wilderness where it is dark and okay to think the white man is the future of the NBA. Now you have a 15 man roster of 7 guards and somehow you're going to have to hash out how many minutes can be eaten up by Larry Hughes and taken away from Derrick Rose. Thanks for making me have to defend the potential of a frontcourt consisting of Tyrus Thomas, Joakim Noah, Aaron Gray, and Drew Gooden.

Thanks for making me lose faith, John Paxson. And for that, I will never forgive.

Griffey to the ChiSox: Deal or No Deal

Now that the White Sox have made their deadline deal for a big-name, over-the-hill, former superstar it is time for speculation. You probably haven't been following Jr. that closely this year. I know I wasn't. When I saw his numbers(.245, 15 homers, 53 RBIs) I have to admit I was disappointed. His hitting has declined, he can't play center like he used to and who knows what kind of affect he will have on the clubhouse chemistry.

But this is a deal that Kenny Williams had to make. He got Griffey Jr. and his 600+ career home runs for for last week's SI and a 6 pack of Old Style(AKA the underachieving Nick Masset and the un-needed Danny Richar). You make that deal 10 times out of 10. It is a no lose situation. If he is terrible or gets hurt, no harm no foul. More likely he will be motivated by a chance to go deep in the playoffs, along with the chance to play in a hitter's park sandwiched by solid hitting.

He may not pay immediate dividends, or even be responsible for that many more wins. But in a division race and a possible playoff run, this is one aging slugger your gonna be happy to have on your side. And, Man, is that swing gonna look pretty in White Sox Uniform.

Even The Ceremony Is F%#$ing Classified in Beijing

World War III? Do we need to create any more freaking drama than there already is with this China Olympics? (Thanks to GD)

Comedy/Tragedy of Errors...Depends Who You Ask

The Cubs swept a four game-set in Milwaukee this week. Honestly, the Brewers looked like a team that could hang with the Cubs going into this series, and I still believe they have the talent. Unfortunately for them, they did not rise to the challenge this week. As an amateur sabremetrician, I want to say that it was a small sample size, but it's hard to ignore the amount of errors and miscues the Brew Crew committed all week long. I think we can chalk this sweep up to some sort of psychological problem. Did their hands get sweaty and their knees lock up at the thought of a big time series? Its July, this team does not seem ready for the big stage. The Cubs on the other hand, finally looked like they could win on the road. I know there are two months left of the season, but damn do their chances look good right now.

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