Friday, February 13, 2009

Breaking News: John Paxson Resigns as GM of the Bulls

John Paxson will be resigning as the Bulls GM effective immediately following the Thursday trade deadline. Peter Vescey broke the news this morning. What does this mean for the Bulls? Amare trades? (Thanks to PK for the tip)

Obviously more on this story as it develops...
***UPDATE: Don't forget who reported the story. As pointed out by Matt at BBTH, Vescey has made some outrageous claims in the past that have proven untrue. That being said, it does make some sense and could very well be true.
***UPDATE on the UPDATE: Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf, who was quoted on Sports Center as saying:
"Pete Vecsey is not a credible enough source to comment on. Two weeks ago he had John being fired, now he has him resigning."

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Ethan Samson said...

if they fired him NOW, they'd probably have a better chance of getting a decent trade done before the deadline. paxson = worthless = nqtc.

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