Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tyrus Thomas Gets Slammed By His Hometown Newspaper

The Bulls got their 4th win in 5 games last night against the Hornets. It was a dominant performance by the whole team against a Chris Paul-less New Orleans squad. No big surprises in the win, but there was a little bit of interesting news about Tyrus Thomas from his hometown media, The Times-Picayune:
Former LSU standout Tyrus Thomas, an NBA washout in every imaginable way since being taken by the Trail Blazers with the No. 4 overall pick in 2006 and traded to Chicago, had 10 points, six rebounds and two steals in the first quarter, after which the Hornets trailed 31-20.
This was clearly meant as more of a shot at how bad New Orleans played then how shitty Thomas's career has been, but it is still funny nonetheless. Washout is a nice word for what Thomas has been, I hope he can turn it around (or get traded).


Matt Clapp said...

He's such a headache. Tons of talent but he drives me flipping nuts. People get mad at me when I say it, but every game I watch just makes me think it more: He is the dumbest player in the NBA. He doesn't understand how to play basketball. When he gets the ball in his hands, he immediately thinks he has to shoot the ball and does that spin move that usually causes him to lose his balance and control. Or he settles for jumpers instead of using his size and athleticism to get to the basket.

Still, with his athleticism, shot blocking ability, and improving mid range jumper, you almost feel forced to hang on to him unless you're offered an Amare or something. He's played much better of late too as displayed with 4 double doubles in 5 games. He also works really hard to get better.

I don't know what to think.

The Zoner said...

He's no doubt frustrating. But at least when we drafted him we knew he was super raw. And even though he still is, he contributes--especially on the defensive end. I'd like to see him here with DRose running the floor for years to come.

He works hard to get better and more importantly he IS getting better.

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