Thursday, February 5, 2009

T.J. Houshmandzadeh Open To Play For Bears, Likes The Sex Cannon

T.J. Houshmazilli was on the Waddle and Sylvie radio show on ESPN1000 yesterday morning and he seemed interested in playing for the Bears. Here are some of the highlights:
On whether or not he is interested in "the offer" that Tom Waddle made to him about possibly coming to the city of Chicago and playing for the Bears:

"Yeah, they have to be interested first. If you worked in the front office, or you were a tight end, we could really talk, but I don't know how much that's going to do for me to say I'm interested or I'm not interested."

On what his gut feeling is regarding whether or not Chicago would be a good "landing spot" for him:

"No, I don't know. You know what's funny, man? Y'all probably going to laugh at me when I tell you this; I kind of like Rex Grossman."

His comments after Waddle and Silvy reiterate that Grossman isn't going to be with the Bears this upcoming season:

"No, but I'm saying… I always watched on T.V. how they give Rex Grossman a hard time. I don't know why. He takes chances, but when those chances pay off, nobody talks about them."
He also had some other interesting comments. His love of Grossman is hilarious, but in all seriousness he may be a good fit for the Bears. Although he has spent much of his career as a slot receiver and an inside guy, isn't that what the Bears really need? We haven't had a good possession receiver since Marty Booker had that 100 catch season a few years back. Hester can already stretch the field a bit. Obviously Housh would be a huge step up from anyone in our receiving corps currently. Let's hope Angelo can make this happen.

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Matt Clapp said...

Its exactly what they need. People keep saying a receiver that can stretch the field... they have a good one at that in Hester. I'm a big Orton guy but even I'll admit he can't throw a good deep ball. However, so many times he threw perfect passes within 20 yards and our receivers dropped the ball, or he wouldn't have anywhere to throw to because our receivers couldn't get separation. I want a possession guy like this, somebody we can count on to make a catch on 3rd and 7. Orton's numbers would've looked pretty darn good with a WR like Housh this past season. But... Angelo won't do it. I think the Moose failure(well he was alright but not the guy we thought we were getting) will prevent him from signing a guy at that age, and I just don't have optimism Angelo will go out and get a real #1 anyway. It's really pissing me off. Orton can win games, we've seen that. It's hard to really judge just how good he is until you get him some receivers, and he's done a solid job with the worst group imaginable.

Also, I listened to those sound bites and Housh just doesn't sound sold on Kyle. I'm sure a nice contract offer and he wouldn't care, but I don't think he really wants to be a Bear. And we know Rex is gone.

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