Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's February, that means Brett Favre must be Retiring

Who wants Favre now? After one season with the Jets, Brett Favre has retired again, informing the Jets today that he would not return.

Favre, in an email to ESPN's Ed Werder said that he feels okay that he is ending his career with the Jets and not the Packers. I'm sure he's okay with the money the Jets gave him to play one season, too. Plus, what's he doing emailing Ed Werder about a Jets story? Where's Rachel Nichols? Favre to the Cowboys?

Who knows where Favre goes from here. It obviously wouldn't shock anyone if he came back again, but I'm not sure a whole lot of people really care. Maybe he'll just focus on his acting career for those Wrangler commercials. You know, the one where he leads that guy a little too far so he has to dive in the mud to make the catch. What a dick.

Anyway, there's your obligatory Favre retirement post. You'll have to wait until next year for another.

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