Friday, February 6, 2009

NBA League Officials Get Bored, Review Every Play of LeBron's Triple-Double

Remember the other day when Kobe dropped 61 at the Garden and set the record and everyone was like "That was f#$%ing awesome?" And then a few nights later LeBron came to New York and was like "I don't care about that, I just want to win," but everyone knew that was bullshit. Then he went and recorded a triple-double and it was like "Wow, LeBron and Kobe are awesome, who's better?" And the whole thing was just really sweet and fun for everyone? Yeah well forget everything past Kobe's 61.

The league has decided to review the game and ruled that one of the rebounds should have been credited to Ben Wallace inside the minute mark in the 4th quarter. (Thanks to Mikey for the tip)

I know, it clearly was Ben Wallace's rebound, but are they serious? Do they have nothing better to do then review whether a rebound is credited to one person or another? Why can't basketball just be fun. Lets hear from the Sternbot:

Sternbot (in robot voice): Basketball is a game of rules, we must adhere to them for the integrity of the game.

Ok I made that quote up, but seriously, why couldn't they just leave well enough alone?


StevieY19 said...

They also took away woman #9,454 and woman #9,990 from Wilt Chamberlain because they were trannies. It's all about integrity of the numbers!

PolskiCanuck said...

Why the hell would the NBA do that? They're literally taking away publicity from themselves.

That's like winning the lottery, then saying "Oh wait, I got one of the numbers wrong..."

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