Monday, February 9, 2009

Vegas Thinks The NL Central Is Pretty Shitty...Except The Cubs Of Course has posted their odds for teams to win the 2009 MLB World Series (via Wrigleyville23). The Cubs are 7:1 to win the Series in 2009, second only to the Yankees who are at 5:2 (The A-Rod allegations may affect that, though who knows). Notably, however, is the rest of the NL Central's odds to win:

Chicago Cubs 7:1
Cincinnati Reds 50:1
Houston Astros 40:1
Milwaukee Brewers 35:1
Pittsburgh Pirates 200:1
St. Louis Cardinals 30:1

Weak, weak division. The odds are obviously constantly changing, but it doesn't look like there will be anyone to beat the Cubs in the NL Central, outside of themselves of course.


Rob said...

30 and 35:1 odds aren't that bad...

JFKFC said...

With the moves we've made, expect those odds to plummet. The insanity that is Bradley...losing the heart of the clubhouse in DeRosa...the bigtime addition of Gathright...Expect 9 to 5 in no time! Those are championship moves there! Talking myself into them isn't working!

Ace said...

Vegas is smart. Of course, generally all teams with large national followings get better odds when they're first released to reel in the bets, right?

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