Friday, February 13, 2009

The Brewers Know How To Appeal To Their Fan Base: All-White Bobblehead Dolls

The Brewers have published their 2009 promotional schedule and over at Home Run Derby they decided to take a look at what the bobblehead giveaways. Let's just say the players that are being honored with bobbleheads share a common characteristic with every Brewers fan (including our very own Real Stadiums Have Roofs). They are all white. Even the sausage race contestant selected was Western European, they couldn't even give Chorizo a break? Ouch:

  • May 3 - Ryan Braun

  • May 31 - Trevor Hoffman

  • Jun 28 - Jason Kendall

  • Aug 30 - Jeff Suppan

  • Jul 26 - Bratwurst (Racing Sausage!!)

  • Sep 20 - Doug Melvin, Brewers GM

Really? Jeff Suppan? Jason Kendall? Don't they have Prince Fielder? And what kind of franchise gives a bobblehead doll for their GM? I don't know about you, but I haven't many kids walking around in Doug Melvin jerseys. Boom roasted.


StevieY19 said...

Doug Melvin and the Bratwurst look eerily similar in those pictures.

Anonymous said...

A prince Fielder one would cost nearly 3 times as much to make because of that huge gut.

And im curious as to if they are uncertain with his future with the club enough to make one.

ben said...

Chorizo always gets the shaft. Clearly the best sausage.

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