Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kobe Bryant Will Tear Off Your Head And Devour Your Soul...Just Kidding, But 61 Points at The Garden Ain't Bad

Kobe Bryant is no Jordan, but in case you didn't hear about it, he dropped a nasty 61 points on the Knicks last night. Curious about the stat line? Well here it is:

61 pts...19/31 fgs...20/20 fts...3/6 3fgs...0 rebs (odd?)...3 assts...1 blk.

Based on his shot chart, it looks like he scored from pretty much every spot on the court.

That point total eclipses MJ's record 55 points by an opposing player at the Garden. It also passes the all-time high by any player in the Garden set by Bernard King (60 pts). The most stunning statistic in my opinion is 20/20 from the free throw line. Talk about efficient. You think he can pick up the slack while Bynum is out? Seems like it.

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Andrew Jay said...

Right on Norm. I think the only thing that interests me in the NBA is looking at the stat line of someone who puts up >50 points. It's ironic that what stood out the most for me was the 0 rebounds, despite the incredible
19/31 and 20/20. Also, has anyone who put up 50 or 60+ had a teamate that also scored 30+. What a boxscore!!

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