Saturday, February 7, 2009

If You Hook A-Rod Up With Steroids, He Will Probably Hit On Your Wife (And Other Things Canseco Wasn't Lying About)

It's old news that Canseco claimed when he hung out with A-Rod back in the day, Rodriguez asked him to hook up a steroid supplier. According to Canseco, even after he helped his good buddy Alex get steroids, A-Rod still hit on Jose's wife and called her all the time.

Well it turns out the first part may have been true (maybe the second part too, but that's neither here nor there). Reports have just surfaced that the secret steroid testing done in 2003 to decide if there was a problem with steroids in the MLB that would require testing showed that A-Rod tested positive for 'roids. Not much of a "secret" test I guess, but here's the story:
According to a report by Sports Illustrated, Alex Rodriguez tested positive for anabolic steroids in 2003, when he was with the Texas Rangers and won the AL home run title and MVP award.

According to the report, which was posted Saturday morning on, sources told the publication that Rodriguez was on a list of 104 players who tested positive that year, when Major League Baseball conducted tests to see if mandatory random drug testing was needed.

In 2003, there were no penalties for a positive result.

Here is the real question: Canseco is mostly branded a liar by every media outlet there is, mainstream or blogosphere. But what has he said that has been proven false compared to what has been proven true? I'm not saying he's Mother Theresa, but maybe he's telling the truth in those annoying tell-all books he writes...

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