Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Moving On

That was a great end to the NFL season on Sunday, but now it's time to deal with the fact that the NFL season is over and won't be back until the end of summer. Don't fret sports fan, there is plenty to keep us busy and make us forget about the gridiron for a while.

If you're a pro sports guy or gal, you have the NBA and NHL to keep you entertained. I'm no expert on the NBA, but it seems like a great time to be a basketball fan with Cleveland, Boston, and Orlando playing so well in the East and the Spurs looking to get back to the finals despite the Lakers' dominance in the West. Can the Cavs get the one seed to secure home court advantage through the playoffs? And how long will that win streak at home last? The NHL is just as intriguing. It's a great year for the Original Six, as Boston, New York, Chicago, Detroit, and Montreal should make the playoffs.

If you're more of a college sports person, then it's all about college basketball from here on out. Things look pretty good for you folks too. It seems like there is a new number one team every week, and while most years that would indicate some weakness at the top, I'm not sure that's the case this year. UConn, Duke, North Carolina, Pitt, Wake, and Oklahoma all have legitimate shots at winning it all this year. You have great players like Hansbrough, Curry, Griffin, and Thabeet to watch as well. Plus, if you don't have another reason to watch, you can always tune in just to study up for tournament time.

Of course there are other sports that can keep you busy as well. Plenty of tennis, golf, and college hockey is coming up and it's not a bad idea to catch some of that.

Finally, for those of you that just can't get enough, it's time to make like a Lions fan in Week 4 and start looking at those mock drafts. Who is your team going to take? Who should go first overall? There are plenty of idiots like us out there who like to tell you what is going to happen, so read up and be prepared when draft day comes in April.

Oh, and don't forget the Pro Bowl. Nah, screw the Pro Bowl.

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