Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Best Way To Have A Career Night? Play The Bulls Of Course!

It's no surprise to anyone watching that the Bulls have what might be the most porous defense in the NBA, but did you know that 5 players have set career highs against the Bulls and another 9 have set season highs. Here's a little walk down memory lane:

Career Highs:
Bargnani (TOR) - 31
Augustin (CHA) - 29
Horford (ATL) - 27
Varejao (CLE) - 26
Perkins (BOS) - 25

Season Highs:
Lebron (CLE) (Twice)
Johnson (ATL)
Carter (NJ)
Jefferson (MIN)
Gasol (LAL)
Outlaw (POR)
Jackson (GSW)
Bibby (ATL)
Gay (MEM)

That list is no joke people! Very few of these players are ones that went off on the perimeter. In general they are big men or slashers. Everyone is getting to the basket. The Bulls big men cannot defend the paint. We shouldn't call what the Bulls play "defense", we should just call it Swiss cheese.


Gavin said...

Oh sure go and blame it on Thabo, Stormin Norman. How original, "like Swiss cheese." Why couldn't you have called it "we're athletic enough to supposedly run on the break, but not enough to double or press intelligently and recover or switch once the ball is rotated."

The verification word of the day boys and girls is "tragoa"

StevieY19 said...

Oh, I get it! Cuz Swiss cheese has holes!!!

real stadiums have roofs said...

i think he's actually analogizing the bulls defense to the mild taste of swiss cheese. whereas under skiles they were more of a pepperjack.

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