Monday, January 19, 2009

Cubs Convention Recap

I wasn't at the Cubs convention myself, but there are a few tidbits of news that came out of it which might be interesting. Here's a little recap of the highlights (and lowlights):
  • Zambrano thinks Lasik surgery will fix his subpar numbers from the second half of the season last year. Seems unlikely that fixing his eyes will fix the fatigue in his arm.

  • Speaking of tired arms, it appears that Harden has a minor tear in his shoulder. It's unclear how serious it is, but the coaching staff assures us its no big deal. Hmmm.

  • Apparently Soriano is willing to bat in whichever position Lou puts him. Lou says he likes Fonzy in the leadoff but will consider other options. Same old same old.

  • Apparently there will be a competition between Gregg and Marmol for closer. I'm on board with that, but we all know Marmol is the guy. As I've said a hundred times, Gregg is Bobby Howry 2.0.

  • Hendry was booed on Friday. I presume it had to do with dealing DeRosa, but who knows with Cubs fans. Apparently when Aaron Miles was introduced, the fans chanted "De-Ro, De-Ro" so there you have it.

  • Apparently Samardijza was told to report to spring training "ready to start". Obviously injuries and other circumstances may change that, but the question becomes; Who does he start over? With Harden, Z, Lilly, Dempster, Marshall, there's not much room. I guess Marshall would be the obvious one to lose his spot if Samardijza has a good spring.

  • Improvements to Wrigley were discussed. The new Friendly Confines Cafe by right field will be opening. Also the new triangle building across the street should be ready around 2012-2013.

  • Soto was MIA from the convention. Probably not a big deal.

  • Day 3 was much of the same as day 1 and 2. Repeated assurances from Hendry all weekend that the dealing was far from over. Numerous questions about the order of the lineup.

  • Were you wondering why Bradley was given Sosa's number 21? So were a lot of fans, since there are some expectations that his number may be retired.

  • A lot of discussion had on Day 3 revolved around the Cubs farm system. I'm not too familiar with it, but apparently there is a push for "more athletic pitchers". Hopefully that means pitchers not made of glass.
All in all the biggest news to come out of the convention wasn't related to it at all. That was the deal that sent Pie to Baltimore for spare parts. Otherwise there was nothing especially interesting. Hendry was very coy in responding to all questions about Jake Peavy, which would lead one to believe a deal is still possible. Pitchers and catchers report soon, so stay tuned...

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