Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cubs Acquire Heilman

The Cubs traded newly acquired pitcher Garrett Olson and infielder Ronny Cedeno to the Mariners for pitcher Aaron Heilman.

Heilman, age 30, has spent his entire major league career with the New York Mets. He appeared in 78 games last year, all in relief. Heilman's career ERA is 4.24 after posting a 5.21 mark last season. However, the three years before that saw ERAs of 3.04, 3.62, and 3.17.

Heilman is expected to challenge Marshall for the fifth spot in the rotation and at the very worst provide dependable relief.

The right-hander spent his college days at Notre Dame, where he apparently caught Hendry's eye.

Does this end speculation about getting Jake Peavy? Well, nothing will ever end speculation, but it certainly looks unlikely since Olson was thought to be a piece in that vexing puzzle.

It's not especially tough to see Ronny Cedeno go, but he showed some good things last year and it would have been nice to see him succeed in Chicago. Plus, isn't he better than Aaron Miles anyway?


PK said...

I don't care what anybody says, I'm going to miss Ronny. I know he didn't have the support of many Cubs fans I know, but I thought he was a good young bench player that had potential to be a serviceable shortstop.... or at the least a guy who gave our starting infielders a break, while providing good speed and defense. We'll see how my opinion changes with Heilman's performance this year.

Ethan Samson said...

PK is biased b/c they are the same nationality. Everyone knows Cedeno sucks.

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