Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Today's Links

  • McDonough says the timing is right to hold the NHL All-Star Game in Chicago. Agreed.
  • Hey, it's Super Bowl week! Here's a little on the big game with an interesting point about the second possession of the game.
  • The Big Ten is overrated in basketball so says The Big Lead. More on this later.
  • There was some ugly behavior at the end of the Michigan-Michigan State hockey game Saturday night. More video with UM's student section reaction about one minute in.
  • Greg Oden turns 21, says he can't wait until someone doesn't recognize him and cards him. Yeah Greg, it's because they know who you are that their "ID if under 30" policy is a little lax with you.
  • The Cubs have sued Under Armour for allegedly reneging on a sponsorship deal. Does this mean no more ads on the outfield wall?
  • Illinois is ranked 19th in the AP, 20th in the Coaches' Poll and they continue to confound expectations.

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