Thursday, January 8, 2009

If The Cubs Get Peavy, Don't Forget to Hide Your Jager

As long as he's not serving me kamikaze shots at Hi-Tops (a la Kyle Farnsworth), I'll be happy. It goes without saying he would pitch better than Farnsy, that's for damn sure.


real stadiums have roofs said...

the cubs are not getting peavy. unlike billy beane and the a's, who will take anything to unload a big name, most teams won't gift an ace for garbage. the cubs will have to try to continue in their efforts to buy a playoff win, not trade for one.

Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

Do you smell that? Smells like a bitter Brewer fan in here.

Ethan Samson said...

I'm kinda surprised how you're trashing Beane and the A's... they have made some real good trades/decisions given their payroll situation. Zito wasn't signed (good move obviously). Mulder turned into Haren and two other players who may become useful (Calero & Barton). The Haren trade is too early to tell. Hudson didn't really turn into anything, but they couldn't keep him. Their biggest mistake will be letting Harden go because from here on out i see like 6 Cy Youngs.

Ethan Samson said...

PS - who else is happy that the Brewers threw away $6mil on trevor hoffman???

Wrigleyville said...

peavy may not be traded to the cubs, but unlike billy beane, kevin towers has been ordered to shed payroll. and the only way to shed payroll is to, um, get rid of guys who make a lot of money.

the only one who makes a lot of money is jake peavy (plus giles, who refuses to waive his NTC). peavy has said he will play for five teams and five teams only. the cubs are one of those teams. the others haven't offered anything of interest.

not sure why this is so complicated for some.

Ethan Samson said...

i wasn't trying to defend towers' move; i was just defending the trashing of beane.

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