Friday, January 16, 2009

Whose Brow?

As in, whose brow will be part of the "Mt. Rushmore of Sports"? In case the ridiculousness of the idea didn't give it away, this will be ESPN's new fan-driven gimmick that we all will hate after...well, we already hate it. Awful Announcing fittingly has the release from ESPN:

SportsCenter, ESPN’s flagship news and information program, and, the leading online sports destination, will combine to present a five-week, fan-based series to celebrate the sports icons from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The series, titled “SportsCenter Mount Rushmore of Sports,” will use fan-generated nominations on to identify the top four sports greats in each state/region, and online voting to select the state with the most impressive collection of sports luminaries worthy of being etched in the state’s Mount Rushmore of sports.

By flagship news and information program, they of course mean advertising mecca and gossip train; and hasn't Yahoo Sports surpassed ESPN in hits on their site? Oh shoot, I'm getting off message.

This catastrophe will take a little over a month and will be graced with the hosting of Rick Reilly and Michael Wilbon, who will choose representatives from each state to form the nominees. Fans will then vote for the rest...I think. I stopped reading the press release.

I'm really struggling with what to say here. If you follow the link above you can read the entire release and try to wrap your mind around the awfulness of this idea. We saw it with Who's Now and Titletown, and this one is just as bad. Ryan Leaf bad.

So do we just try to ignore it? Should we try and fix it so it ends up being something like Tebow, Joey Harrington, Pacman Jones, and some WNBA player? I don't have anything else to say about this monstrosity right now, but I'm open to ideas about how to best make fun of or destroy ESPN's latest abortion.

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