Friday, January 16, 2009

I Promise Not To Get To Excited About The Bulls Finally Beating LeBron

I don't want to get too excited about the Bulls big win against the Cavs last night. Thanks to StevieY, a noted Bulls hater, for keeping my excitement in check with his annoying sarcasm. Here is our conversation from last night towards the end of overtime when the Bulls had a 10 point lead (Edited a bit, I took out a lengthy conversation about the Nazi Shark's love for Duke basketball):

Stormin Norman: Do you see this game?

StevieY19: What game?

SN: The Bulls are up 11 in overtime against the Cavs. It's on national TV.

SY19: The Bulls?

SN: I know I'm shocked too.

SY19: I'm not shocked, I just couldn't care less. Are the Cavs even good?

SN: Lebron hasn't made a fg since the first minute of the 2nd half. Its like the opposite of what he did to Detroit that one time. Quick question: Guess who got DNP-CDed?

SY19: Who? Larry? Maybe they'll bring him in for a late collapse.

SN: I love that this game is nationally televised.

SY19: Why? So everyone knows the Bulls are back? Deng just got hurt from that back bump, I bet he'll be out 3-4, or probably 6-8 weeks.

SN: You're a dick.

SY19: Before you write 4 posts tomorrow about this meaningless January game, I have a post going up at 9 AM, so you'll have to post them at a different time.

SN: The Bulls look impressive, admit it.

SY19: I didn't watch the game but having Hinrich and Deng back obviously makes them better.

SN: And Gooden back too.

SY19: I already said one nice thing about the Bulls, I'm not going to start praising players I hate.

The conversation goes on and on, but you get my point. I know I said I would temper my excitement, but after reading this conversation again it just makes me think about how StevieY is sour grapes. This is a huge win for the Bulls. Does it mean they are "back"? No. But its one of the flashes this season that show they can be great with just a little tweaking here and there (most notably at the coaching position). Back-to-back wins against playoff teams is nothing to laugh at, especially after the rough stretch the Bulls just came out of. Go Bulls!


StevieY19 said...

You should have a disclaimer when someone talks to you. "This conversation may be monitored for quality assurance...or published without your knowledge."

The Zoner said...

I love it. Hughes has been DNP-CD'd twice in a row, and played only 7 minutes vs. Portland. I just hope his not playing doesn't preclude them from trading him.

This roster is still goofy, so I hope something gets done. Why does Noah start?????

Matt Clapp said...

I'm very excited. Like Zoner said, no Hughes playing, looked great. That's the most excited I've gotten into a Bulls game in a couple years. Good shit. I lost it in overtime.

Anonymous said...

to their credit the bulls executed the only game plan known to the world to stop lebron (constant switching on screens, sag dramatically and force him to beat you with jumpers...). however, i have to say that lebron lost this game going 0-the second half more than the bulls won it. still a statement win against the top team in the conference.

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