Monday, January 12, 2009

CBS Mics up Izzo; Fun Ensues

CBS decided to mic up Michigan State's Tom Izzo for the Spartans' game against Kansas Saturday. Most of the game we just heard Izzo screaming at his players to box out and push the ball, but after referee Steve Welmer hurt his foot in the first half, things got spicy.

Ever since the infamous wardrobe malfunction during the Super Bowl, networks have been pretty vigilant with what is called a dump button. In this case the dump button guy either missed the button numerous times, or figured the language was typical for a Saturday afternoon on CBS. Either way, here is the video, via World of Isaac:

The highlight is the "sit his ass in a chair at halfcourt" comment, which sounds like an excellent idea. He would still certainly be more effective than Ed Hightower.

Honestly though, let's keep up the practice of putting a mic on the coaches. I'd love a little more insight to their world. For example, how does Coach K get all those calls? Is Bruce Pearl really as crazy as we think? Is Tom Crean really Dwight Schrute?

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Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

IF you mic'ed up Bruce Pearl and then took the recording of his voice and played it backwards at a 1/666 speed it would say "I AM EVIL INCARNATE, WORSHIP ME OR DIE!"

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