Friday, January 9, 2009

Spider-Man vs. Barack Obama in a Game of One-on-One

Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently Spider-Man is doing a special comic featuring Barack Obama and his evil twin. The Chicagoist has more on the story:
Now we've seen everything. In honor of Barack Obama's inauguration, Marvel Comics is publishing an issue of The Amazing Spider-Man in which Spider-Man helps prevent an evil plot against the President-Elect. Photographer Peter Parker knows something's up when, while taking pictures at the inauguration, he spots an evil twin Obama and employs basketball skills as a way to detect which Obama is the real one. No, we're not making this up...The best part? When Obama and Spidey share a terrorist fist jab.
This is not a joke! Click the link. This may be my favorite story of the year. Barack's status as a baller on the court has reached legendary proportions. Literally mythical comic book level proportions.

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real stadiums have roofs said...

not only should this not be anyone's favorite story of the year, but this might be the worst post ever

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