Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thoughts on Tonight's BCS Title Game

I couldn't decide what kind of post to put together for the big game tonight, so what follows are some random thoughts on the title bout (think Mike Tyson's Punch Out).

  • I finally decided that I am cheering for Oklahoma in this game. I've always liked Florida for no good reason, but when it comes down to it, I will cheer for anything that reflects negatively on the BCS. A 4-3 win for Oklahoma would do the trick.

  • I'm surprised that this game isn't getting the hype that the title game received a few years ago when Texas and USC faced off. Then again, I think those teams were unbeaten. Still, this game has the potential to be just as good. We have undeniable talents on both teams and plenty of first round draft potential. Not to mention the last two Heisman winners.

  • You have to think that Utah and Texas are pulling for Oklahoma as well. If Florida wins, somehow their loss is less relevant. They lost to Ole Miss, who beat Texas Tech, who beat Texas, who was in Footloose with Kevin Bacon. If OU wins, then everyone gets to rehash the issue of whether they belonged there in the first place. Texas gets to say that they beat the Sooners on a neutral field and Utah gets to say they dismantled Alabama, and therefore could have beaten Florida too.

  • A major factor is Oklahoma's recent tradition of not showing up for big games. Sure, they did fine in the Big 12 Championship, but it was against a Missouri team that had already fallen apart. The Sooners have gone all Ohio State on teams when they get to BCS bowls recently. Last year they lost to a West Virginia team that just lost its coach, the year before was the loss to Boise State in one of the best bowl games ever, and I believe they were blown out in the championship before that.

  • Tebow & Co. actually have a little experience with the title game, albeit Tebow was a jump-passing fullback then, that didn't save the world by circumcising babies.

  • So, this will be where I put my prediction for the game, which is sure to be completely wrong. Florida 42 - Oklahoma 34.

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