Thursday, January 29, 2009

Today's Links

  • Hey it's already Thursday of Super Bowl week! Here is the highlight from media day.
  • Chris Berman is receiving the Pat Summerall Award for demonstrating, get this: character, integrity, and leadership. Like in the video.
  • Stormin' Norman tried putting a voodoo curse on Eric Gordon before the game last night. Not sure if it worked, but the Bulls still beat up the Clippers to start their road trip.
  • Blackhawks also start their road trip off with a win, besting the Ducks 3-2. Take that Charlie Conway!
  • Derrick Rose will lead the Rookies against the Sophomores on All-Star Weekend. D-Wade will coach Rooks and Dwight Howard will run the Sophomores, while Lebron James will provide color commentary for the game. Oh sure, because he's black?!!
  • The White Sox are making an Obama-themed hat, and the invite to throw out the first pitch stands. Make as many hats as you want, the Secret Service is not allowing an acceptance to that invitation.
  • Soriano says he will hit anywhere in the lineup. Why do I feel like he misunderstood and really thought he was confirming that he would try to hit anything?

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