Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If You Vote For One Man For Senator AND Governor, Make it Coach Ditka

There never seems to be a shortage of Ditka news in this city, and today is no different--though you can hardly call this news. After reporting a few weeks ago that some Chicago residents were pushing for Ditka to run for Governor, it now appears there is a push to have him named to the Senate as Obama's replacement. Over at DitkaForSenate, they make their case:
Since 1972, some 79 elected officials have been convicted of corruption in the Land of Lincoln, including 27 aldermen, 19 judges, 15 state legislators, three governors, two congressmen and one mayor. Those are some pretty ugly statistics.

Senator Obama hopped the hope train to DC. Governor Blagojevich's not-so-silent auction ended prematurely. The Senate seat is still empty.

Enter Mike Ditka. His achievements on the football field as player and coach include five Super Bowl wins and titles like NFL Coach of the Year and Pro Football Hall of Famer. A five-time Pro-Bowler and two-time first-team All-Pro, Ditka brings some stats you can really flaunt.

When will the good people of Illinois realize that the only politician they can trust isn't a politician at all?
I don't know if Ditka would make a good Senator or Governor or politician of any kind. His temper would probably make it difficult to work with others (e.g. Buddy Ryan, Jim McMahon, countless others). Even though those people he worked with hated him, many had great success when they were working with him. He may not be the nicest guy, but he would definitely get things done, and I highly doubt he is corrupt (though you never know). Let's go to his campaign video:

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