Monday, January 26, 2009

Vinny Del Negro May Be On The Way Out, And He May Have Company

Peter Vecsey of the New York Post has "sources" that indicate VDN may not be the Bulls coach much longer. They also think Pax's days could be numbered (Thanks to Zoner for finding this and getting my hopes up):

Chicago's correspondents get the distinct feeling Vinny Del Negro may be the NBA's eighth head coach to get vaporized. I'm hearing Bulls managing partner Jerry Reinsdorf may soon varnish GM John Paxson. Toronto ended a seven-game slide Friday with a convincing, 20-point win at Chicago. Far be it from me to suggest the closing moments were uneventful, but Oprah took her second-half combo meal to go.
I'm not sure what it means to "varnish" someone, but it doesn't sound positive. I know I'm reaching here, being as that I'm not sure who these Chicago correspondents are or if they even exist, but God I hope it's true. Watching the Bulls shit the bed last night against the Timberwolves was just painful. Out of about 10-15 timeouts and first plays of quarters, the Bulls ran half the plays to Deng for a contested 20 footer and the other half to Rose for him to dribble around into triple teams and get a bad look. is still available...


Anonymous said...

hyped your article up on ballhype do the same for my latest

Matt Clapp said...

Yeah last night's game was infuriating to watch.

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