Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009: We Derrick Rose

Slamonline posted this video:

Here's an excerpt from their article on Derrick Rose:

Greatness retired and left a statue with the city. His symbol. Something that reminded Chicagoans they were witnesses to something greater than shear luck.

Following his retirement, the statue came to represent hope. Hope that one day the Bulls would become relevant again.

Derrick Rose saw the statue often.

He remembered when half of his third grade class wore red Bulls jerseys on the first day of school in 1997. He remembered the All-Star Games, the Olympics, the Jordan XI, the NBA on NBC and, of course…the Playoffs.

Ten years followed, and no one could set the Bulls on course.

The Bulls needed an All-Star caliber player to bring attention back to the Windy City, and they finally got him via prayer and one lucky ping-pong ball.

Rose is no M.J., but considering the Bulls had only 1.7 percent chance of getting the first pick, you know it was something greater than shear luck

You know I believe.

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