Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Blackhawks non-Red Wing Winning Streak Rolls On

Make it 12 out of 14 for the Hawks as they mopped Phoenix last night. The Coyotes have been playing some good hockey lately, so this was a good win.

Adam Burish started the scoring for the Hawks a little more than midway through the first period. It was his first goal since last April. The Hawks then added three more goals in the following four minutes to lead 4-0 after the first. Jonathan Toews added a goal in each of the final two periods for the 6-0 win.

Another highlight of the game was a fight with about nine minutes left in the game. Well, it wasn't so much a fight as it was Matt Walker going all early career Mike Tyson on Coyote defenseman Ed Jovanovski. Walker knocked the veteran to the ice with one nasty right after Jovanovski came up a little high with the stick on Walker. So, after the Hawks killed the penalty, during which they scored a shorthanded goal, Todd Fedoruk went out of his way to hit Cristobal Huet pretty hard behind the net.

To the Hawks credit, nothing really happened after that besides what looked like a lot of man-hugging in the corner just to let Phoenix know they were upset.

Theatrics aside, the Blackhawks are on an absolute tear. Even with Patrick Kane out the last two games, it is clear the back-to-back losses to the Wings are an afterthought. They'll try to keep it going tomorrow night in Colorado in another match-up with Joel Quenneville's old team.

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