Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Should the Bears Pursue Michael Vick?

The idea, which I'm sure has been thrown around by fans already, comes from Sun-Times writer Carol Slezak. The point? Why not bring in Mike Vick if Angelo is looking for quarterback help to push Kyle Orton? To a point, I get it, but I thought that myself and other Lions fans were the only ones desperate enough to be asking questions like, "when exactly does he get out of prison?"

Slezak makes a compelling argument that Vick should be a viable option when he is a free man in July. However, when you have to mention a free agent's prison release date in the first paragraph of a story, the case is tough to make. I agree that with another apology, Vick would have a good chance of redeeming himself in the eyes of NFL fans. We're all pretty sure Ray Lewis stabbed a guy, and what has that done to his rep besides make us assume that running backs and slot receivers pee themselves when he's about to hit them?

The problem with the public relations issue is that whether fans forgive him or not, he still went to prison. He still electocuted dogs, made sweet alias names in order to spread his VD, and flipped off fans in Atlanta. To say that ex-con Michael Vick is a better option than McNabb is a giant stretch. McNabb is only four years older than Vick and is a proven winner. Sure, Vick is an amazing athlete, but what's the staying power on that speed? Was he really that great to begin with?

Other than beating the Packers in a playoff game on the frozen tundra, he never really showed himself to be an asset for the Falcons. Unless, you're playing Madden, I'm not sure you want Mr. Mexico as your quarterback.


The Bad Guy said...

Id be down for Vick.

real stadiums have roofs said...

prisoner 523221 went down on vick

DaChiFan said...

Good NFL QBs, need to be able to throw the ball consistently. Vick never showed that in Atlanta. He'd be terrible in Chicago (Think Kordel Stewart).

The Bad Guy said...

Kordel Stewart was sick in his prime

Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

Maybe Kordell was sick in his prime, but his prime was definitely not with the Bears.

Moody said...

Vick would be just has good has grossman!!!

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