Thursday, December 11, 2008

Average Black Basketball Player Tabbed to Play Barack Obama in Upcoming Movie

Remember when the Bulls got some guy named Pete Myers in the 1990's? Boy that guy was going to be really good. The next Michael Jordan perhaps? Some "experts" thought so. Well things didn't exactly turn out the way. In fact, after a short, unexciting stint in the NBA, Pete Myers' career ended without much fanfare. Today he is a bench coach for the Bulls and has been for a number of years now.

Well what's next on the horizon for Pete Myers? What new brush with almost-stardom will he have? Apparently he has been picked to play Obama in a new movie:
Myers, a Bulls assistant coach, was tabbed Wednesday to be filmed for a biographical profile on President-elect Barack Obama that will air on BBC-TV in England on Inauguration Day.

Though the station intended the footage to be used as artistic background pegged to Obama's love for basketball—commonly called "B roll" in the TV business—several Bulls teased Myers for being Obama's stand-in or body double.
I'm sure he will turn in an Oscar-worthy performance, but we have to be careful not to typecast Myers. Who knows what his acting range is.

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