Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Great Day to be Studying

Sorry about the lack of content today, it gets a little busy for us this time of the year. But honestly, I look to see what's going on today for five minutes and find out:

That G-Rod got arrested. I haven't lived in Illinois long, but somehow this isn't a surprise. I know Chicago and Detroit like to upstage each other, but did Blagojevic really need to play the "governor arrested is cooler than mayor arrested" game? And this involves the Cubs somehow? Oh, boy, can't wait for the trial.

Also, the Cubs aren't remotely close to a closing deal for Peavy. Or, they are very close to a deal for Peavy. Man, these blogs are so irresponsible with their reporting...errr, that's ESPN and the Tribune. Peavy or no Peavy? The only way I see this ending is the Bears hiring Marv Levy.

As if that wasn't enough, all kinds of lame jokes about Derrick Rose cutting his arm are flying around and we don't get to partake. So the Trib and Sun-Times get to write headlines about Rose being a "slashing guard" and a "cut above" while I have to bottle up comments about Rose being the "apple of Stormin' Norman's eye" for another time.

Okay, this was the point where I had to make sure I wasn't in some sort of studying-induced hallucination. A couple of NFL sources have indicated that Matt Millen may still be calling the shots for the Detroit Lions. Yep, read that sentence again. Done? There is speculation he was fired to appease fans and is still making decisions behind the scenes. There is no way I even consider this being true if it's any team but the Lions.

That's all I have for today. Back to the books.

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