Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fill In The Blank

It's Fill in The Blank time. What happens is I will post a random picture I select, and you guys (the readers) create a funny caption for the photo. Post your caption ideas in the comments for this story and I will post the funniest caption under the picture at a later date. Here's this week's "Fill in the Blank".

Derrick Rose races down the lane and lays apple? Why isn't that apple peeled?

Last week's photo:

Best caption from last week goes to StevieY19: The man in the yellow coat couldn't bring himself to watch the Bears defense.


real stadiums have roofs said...

having enjoyed larry johnson's grandma-ma alter ego as a youth, derrick rose splits the core of the trailblazers, embracing his own alter ego...grannysmith?

Ethan Samson said...

Normally, Eddy Curry would be all over blocking this, but since it's an apple and not a fried chicken leg, he is nowhere to be seen.

StevieY19 said...

There are two white guys on the Trail Blazers?

Gavin said...

Bulls Trainer, Fred Tedeschi insists that Derrick Rose's recent injury is not a cause for concern, despite evidence to the contrary in the giant dead spot on Rose's left forearm. While Rose has favored his right hand since the injury, he's still managed to pull three opponents groins, fake two out of their jockstraps, and wound the pride of numerous foes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Josh Howard,

Did you know you can smoke weed out of apples??!?!

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