Friday, December 19, 2008

ESPN's Gay-foolery Continues

When I posted about Schlereth and Wiley slobbering over Tom Brady on NFL Live, I had no idea that hot NFL quarterbacks was a company-wide topic of interest for ESPN. Skip Bayless and Jemele Hill were also in on the party.

Except in this case, they made a list. Apparently this is something that takes place regularly on First Take (the lists, not picking the hottest QBs), but I can't help but thinking of Skip and Jemele in high school comparing their lists of who the hottest football players are. Anyway, here is Skip's list:

This is what Skip's career has come to. Arguing about meaningless sports topics and picking his most luscious quarterbacks. And this is what it has come to for ESPN, sacrificing reporting on real sports for what seems will inevitably end with a weekly reality show called "Temptation Huddle."

Thanks to HHR for the story and Deadspin for the screenshot.


Top Ten Nominee said...


real stadiums have roofs said...

i'll be the first to admit me that the sight of tom brady in a stetson ad leaves me a little short of breath, but qbs in the nfl as a whole are not very attractive.

Zach Martin said...

I would have loved to see this debate:

Hill: Romo is definitely number two.
Bayless: What are you gay? Farve is WAY beter looking than Romo.

Docksquad said...

hah wow skip

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