Friday, December 19, 2008

Bulls Trade Possibilities

Bulls GM John "Stockpiling Assets" Paxson has just announced that he is looking to make a deal:
Paxson has been talking trade with teams recently and he will travel with the team to Boston for the game against the Celtics Friday.

''I'm trying right now, honestly,'' Paxson said of swinging a deal. ''We've had a lot of conversations as a lot of teams are. But there's nothing right now that we've been able to lock in on.

''We're trying to find some things that fit [with Derrick Rose]. The fact of the matter is he's very, very good and we're lucky to have him. When you look at the big picture, our goal is going to be to try and get this thing built with Derrick in mind and what fits him. That's going to take a little bit of time here to try and move some pieces.''

We've heard this before, but it seems like now is the opportune time to look to make some kind of deal or at the least move some assets. In that light here are some possible trade possibilities (I meant to write it like that Judd and StevieY, so shut the fuck up) that have been thrown around in the media lately:

  • Bulls are looking to RE-acquire Brad Miller. This rumor may actually have some legs to it. He is not exactly the low-post threat everyone wants, but if we deal some combination of Gooden and a bad contract (Hinrich, Nocioni, etc) this could make a lot of sense. He could play very well off of Rose by hitting those pick and pop shots that Rose creates.
  • Bulls may be pursuing Chris Kaman. This rumor has been out there for sometime, although apparently the Clips have not officially made him available. He is the kind of blue collar low post rebounder we need who has touch around the basket
  • Shawn Marion. It is well known that the Heat are shopping him around, but it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense for the Bulls. Aside from questions of how he would fit in on the court, off the court there are serious questions about his contract status. He has made it clear that he will be looking for a new long-term deal at the end of the year. If the Bulls get a player like that, it will only be as a temporary thing.
  • Kirilenko? Probably nothing more than a Sam Smith pipe dream, but a possibility
  • Any deal to unload spare parts and get contract space for the free agent class of '10 (or possibly '09?). This includes Nocioni, Hinrich, Thabo, Gooden, Hughes, Thomas or Noah. I think everyone agrees that the future must be built around Rose and Deng (and possibly Gordon if they can get him to sign a REASONABLE deal). Any other person is expendable. While we would all like Tyrus and Joakim to pan out, and many of us think Thabo still has potential, but any move that clears cap space is a good one.
There are other names and deals out there that have been talked about, and anything is possible. Hopefully Pax has the balls to pull the trigger on something that makes sense. For now, I'm just happy we are playing like a .500 ballclub. Finally one of my overly optimistic preseason projections for a Chicago team is coming true!


Matt Clapp said...

Of all the rumored stuff I've been hearing about and like you said... Kaman interests me the most. A center that can score and rebound(like Miller can but much younger) would be a welcome addition to this team. Still, there's no big move that's going to all of a sudden turn the team into a serious East contender. If you're going to make a move, it's gotta be somebody like Kaman we're keeping for the long haul.

I like how Pax said we're pretty much building first and foremost with Rose in mind. We all really knew that, but it's still refreshing to hear the GM come out and say that. I'm prayin for D-Wade for some reason to want to leave South Beach, and come home to Chicago in 2010.

Top Ten Nominee said...

"possibly Gordon if they can get him to sign a REASONABLE deal"

There is a zero persent chance this happens, trade him now while he is throwin up 20+ points per game, package him with Noce or maybe Tyrus Thomas and get some bigs. Thats the deal you need to make. NOW

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