Monday, December 1, 2008

Fake Field Goal Follies

Over the long Thanksgiving weekend I watched about as much football as a person can handle. I caught a sweet Lions game, plenty of high school state championship games, a bunch of college football games, the outcomes of which were irrelevant because the computers know all, and finally a little NFL action Sunday.

By far the highlights of all the pigskin theatrics were a couple of fake field goals gone horribly wrong. First up, Nebraska lines up for a field goal against Colorado and....uh....oops.

That's just awesome. Now, the Raiders being the NFL powerhouse that they are, never miss an opportunity to find ways to thoroughly embarrass themselves.

Yes! Two for two on the tricky field goals. What are the odds the Lions try this next weekend? He probably wasn't the first coach to call this particular play, but I can't help but think that this is Les Miles' fault. Coaches, next time you think about pulling a fake field goal, kick it! Unless of course you have Steve Nash as your holder.

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