Saturday, December 6, 2008

Gary Danielson Tries to Make SEC Football Unwatchable

This Saturday has been a fantastic day for football. Army-Navy early, USC-UCLA and the SEC Championship this afternoon and the Big 12 Title game to cap it off. However, for the last three years, one thing has made the SEC Championship game difficult to watch, or at least to listen to.

Gary Danielson has to be among the worst announcers in the country. It doesn't have a lot to do with his analysis or insights into the game. Danielson is awful because he is biased and has no shame in putting it on display.

Other networks show favor to some teams, like ESPN and the Yanks and Sox, and some announcers obviously love a particular team, like Vitale and Duke, but this is a whole new level of annoying favoritism and irresponsible broadcasting.

For two straight years, Danielson lobbied throughout the broadcast for the SEC's teams to get into the National Championship games. He would launch into long narratives about the merits of the SEC's teams over the other contenders. He was at it again this year saying things like "I'm not watching the National Championship game if Florida is not in it."

This year, the campaigning for Florida wasn't enough. Danielson had to throw in his endorsement of Tim Tebow for the Heisman Trophy. Telling voters to pay attention to Tebow and slurping the junior quarterback just about every chance he got. "How could you not get down the field fast after Tim Tebow pumped you up." Or after a fairly simple slant for a touchdown, "you can't do this stuff!" It was a damn five yard slant.

Look, Tebow is a great college quarterback and thrives in that offense, but we don't need to hear about it all game long. It's number one against number four. How about we focus on the game? Danielson's lobbying is getting so old and tiring and he really makes it impossible to listen to the game. Unless you're in Tim Tebow's family.


swnole said...

Verne Lundquist is even worse. I agree that Danielson is biased but at least he can talk. Lundquist mumbled through almost every sentence he uttered during the game.

Rob said...

With regards to the SEC, at least in recent years...he's right. That's probably even more annoying.

Gator said...

Well, THAT was the National Title game :) Even in a down year for the SEC we are still looking at another possible BCS title.

StevieY19 said...

Yep, Florida does look great. Stoops has been questionable preparing for bowls recently, so you have to like Florida's chances in the title game.

The only thing I would worry about with Florida is the strength of their schedule. OU went through hell this season, while Florida beat a bunch of struggling SEC teams.

And yes, it is annoying that Danielson has been right. But I can't get over the audacity he has to do this in the booth while broadcasting games.

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