Friday, December 19, 2008


Just kidding. Did you really believe that title? Anyways, my buddy Andrew does have 2 tickets to the game at Wrigley Field. The seats are in Section 4, Row 11, seats 111 and 112. They are $350 a ticket, $700 for the pair. Email if you are interested. Here's a holiday option: buy the pair and invite Stormin Norman! I would pay for my ticket of course, but I can barely afford to keep the electricity on in my apartment. Go Hawks!

***Update: Here's a video from Wrigley today. Watch out for falling Zambonis!


StevieY19 said...

Stormin Norman doesn't know the first thing about hockey. Maybe you should consider bringing a real fan like myself, so you won't have to hear things like "it'll all come down to the fourth quarter" or "which team is Chicago?" or "hey, that guy won the fight, why does he have to go to the penalty box? This isn't like I remember in Blades of Steel!"

Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

How funny is it that this post is about tickets for sale and the only 2 responses so far have been begging for someone else to buy them and take the responder for free. Anyways, I'm really good company at sporting events, even boring ones like hockey

Andrew Jay said...

Should StevieY19 or myself comment about "even boring ones like hockey"...Isn't StevieY19 a Wings fan. Luckily there won't be too mnay Wings fan at this game, with the high cost of tickets and all. They can't even afford to go to their home games when they play the team that hasn't lost since the Quebec Nordiques era, (San Jose).

StevieY19 said...

I don't think we'll get anywhere trying to convince Stormin Norman that hockey is exciting. It's like trying to convince an illiterate person that reading is fun.

And yes, I am a Red Wings fan, but I like the Hawks, which is strange. I'd like to see the rivalry back and it looks like it's on its way. There may just be some Wings fans at the game though to bear the brunt of the inevitable 500 Detroit sucks chants. I think all the Detroit fans with money moved to Chicago. Plus some without money, like me.

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