Monday, December 29, 2008

One Question Mark Down, 73 to Go; Neckbeard to Start in 2009

According to the Chicago Tribune, Kyle Orton will be the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears next year:
After Sunday's season-ending 31-24 loss to the Texans, offensive coordinator Ron Turner said Orton will head into training camp next July as the unchallenged starting quarterback for the first time in his career.
"No question about it," Turner said. "He played really well [in 2008]. It took him a while to get back in the groove because of his ankle [injury Nov. 2]. I still don't think he's 100 percent."
"All players will have competition … everybody is in that same group," Smith said. "But Kyle Orton is our quarterback."
So that answers that question I guess. Turner's rationale for keeping Orton as the starter is that he was still hurt for most of the second half of the season and that hindered his development and performance. Personally I have been in favor of keeping him all along, if only for lack of better options. If the Bears can just get him a good free agent WR like Boldin I think he will really shine.

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Matt Clapp said...

Agreed. There's simply too many needs to spend the money on a McNabb or Cassel like many of the idiot fans will suggest. Plus, I'm still not completely sold on Cassel and wouldn't expect him to do any better than Orton has. Orton doesn't have anybody that gets separation every play(Welker) and takes a 2 yard pass for 76 yards like Randy Moss did last week.
We need a Boldin/Housh type like you said and I think Orton all of a sudden will look quite a bit better.

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