Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What They Are Saying Out There In Media-Land About The Bears This Week

A lot has happened in the last 2 weeks that have changed the fortunes of the Bears season. Although hope is still alive, they have gone from the driver's seat to the playoffs, to hanging on to the back bumper and being dragged through the street. Here's what some top Chicago and other mainstream media outlets are saying about them:

CBS Sports: Apparently there are some different options in the wildcat set. For instance, Forte or Hester could throw the ball. Also how both Adams and Harrison stepped up in Dusty's absence last week.

Daily Herald: Someone must be blamed for the way the Bears have been playing. This guy wants to blame the front office, Lovie, or the lack of execution by players.

Chicago Sun-Times: Yeah, we totally got screwed by having to face the Vikings before the Williams's were suspended, but look at the other guys that got suspended. The league's ruling was actually pretty favorable for the Bears in terms of who they play the rest of the way.

Chicago Sun-Times: Sure, the Bears could win 4 straight and make the playoffs. One problem though; they haven't won 2 straight since 2006.

Chicago Tribune: Feel free to blame Orton for this loss, but please get him some help!

Chicago Bears Website: Wait a minute, the Bears got stopped on another huge goal-line stand against the Falcons, and they went to that same fullback handoff that time too. Don't worry though, Lovie wouldn't change his playcalling if he could do it again.

Well that is a pretty positive tone. The Bears better get their shit together soon, because the playoff picture in the NFC is very tight.

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