Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Today's Links

  • If the Cubs get Peavy, are they going to look to deal big Z? (The source is totally unreliable)
  • God explains Week 14 of the NFL season.
  • It looks like Kerry Wood is going to be a Cleveland Indian. I'm glad we don't have to face him now that he'll be in the American League. I'll be cheering for you Kerry.
  • Did the Tribune disrespect Ron Santo? No wonder this guy can't get respect from the Veteran's Committee, his hometown paper doesn't even respect him!
  • Some quick hits about the Bears from WCG.
  • Personally, I think Kobe Bryant should not be compared to Michael Jordan. Kobe should be Kobe, not the next Michael. That being said, MJ was way better than Kobe is, and this guy proves it with all kinds of crazy metrics and statistical analyses.
  • So apparently the Peavy deal is done. No wait, my bad, it's not even close. This is why I refuse to write anything extensive about the Peavy story until it is a done deal.
  • Bulls beat the Knicks in a shootout. Well both teams shot a lot, not many went in. Either way Bulls win.

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Ethan Samson said...

Kerry Wood IS coming to Wrigley - June 19th, the Indians vs. The Cubs. I love K Wood - don't agree with letting him go without ANY effort to keep him. He would have stayed for cheap, and I don't get why Hendry doesn't want to build a good bullpen to go with our solid starters. Didn't he notice how LA's 7 8 9 guys completely shut the cubs down? We don't have that, and we need it. KWood leaving makes us one step further fromthat.

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