Monday, December 22, 2008

Fittingly The NFC North Will Be Decided By A Bears-Packers Game On The Frozen Tundra Of Soldier Field

The season comes down to this. If the Bears lose, that's it, they go home. With a loss comes elimination from the divisional and wild card races (I think, these tiebreakers are so complicated). The Bears have had a long roller coaster of a season, but tonight's game will decide their fate. Of course it would be the Packers. After they embarrassed us at Lambeau a few weeks ago, they come to Chicago looking to find some kind of silver lining in their rough season. But this game means nothing to them in terms of postseason chances.

There isn't much to say about this game that every real Bears fan doesn't already know. I will be going to the game tomorrow to cheer on my Bears and everyone who isn't going should be watching this game. Even though the Bears are not their traditional good cold weather, run the ball, stifling defensive team of years past, you have to believe that with freezing winds howling in Soldier Field the Bears will have the advantage.

Oh one last thing: Fuck the Packers. Seriously I cannot stand a single player on that team and nothing would make me happier than to have a victory over the Pack be the thing that propels us into the playoffs. Mike McCarthy has worn out his welcome, Aaron Rodgers is overrated (there, I said it, so now it's out there; I'm not sure why everyone won't just come out and admit that), and that vaunted Packers defense we were supposed to see this year has underachieved at best. Don't even get me started about the fans, who seem to think their loyalty lies with a turncoat douchebag that has finally showed his true colors instead of the team that showed that douchebag nothing but respect and love. This team and its fans deserve one last serious spanking before the season is over, and the Bears are the perfect team to do it.

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real stadiums have roofs said...

terrible post. you rant just to rant. mike mccarthy has worn out his welcome? who is a fan from another team to say when a coach has worn out his welcome? vaunted defense underachieving? a bears fan should not be able to say those words about another team with a straight face. aaron rodgers overrated? he's thrown for 3500 yards and 26 tds with an awful offensive line. the fans following favre blindly? after what transpired over the end of summer, the majority of packers fans (excluding women), lost whatever affection they held for favre and would like nothing more than to see him not make the playoffs. his poor performance this last weekend just goes to show what a genius ted thompson really is.

probably the worst post of any blog ever.

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