Wednesday, December 31, 2008

DeRosa Traded for Three Prospects

The Cubs continued their payroll cutting ways this off-season, dealing Mark DeRosa to the Indians for three pitching prospects. Combined, the three prospects play something like eight less positions than DeRosa.

I know nothing about these pitching prospects, but you have to think the goal of the trade is to clear some room to spend some money and hope that these guys can contribute. The Cubs also signed infielder Aaron Miles and have a deal in the works to send Jason Marquis to Colorado.

As of now, it's hard to see the Cubs being better next year than they were this year. Peavy talks have died down, and DeRosa was thought to be part of that trade anyway. DeRosa carried the Cubs for a stretch this year while having his best season ever.

Let the conjecture begin on who the big signing will be with the extra money. Milton Bradley is the rumor right now, with Peavy and Brian Roberts still on the periphery. Also, it's time for guys who provided quality depth to step in and play a major role. Fontenot and Marshall come to mind as guys that will be much more important in 2009, with a possibility of Samardzija starting still floating around.

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