Friday, December 19, 2008

Stink and Wiley Think Brady's Sexy

So I happened to catch the end of NFL Live last night on ESPN, looking for some highlights of that Colts-Jags game that no one saw. I didn't see any highlights, but I did catch an interesting exchange.

Trey Wingo was talking about a riveting story that immediately reminded me why ESPN is no longer part of my television viewing when there isn't a game on. According to a survey, good looking NFL quarterbacks are paid better than quarterbacks that aren't as attractive. Hmm.

Before I get to Wiley and Schlereth and their attraction to Tommy, I did a little research. Manning, Brady, Palmer, Eli, Favre, Delhomme are your top earners this year; you can make your own conclusions. Personally, I wouldn't date any of those guys.

On to Wiley and Schlereth. I can't remember the question Trey asked, but what resulted was Wiley referring to Tom Brady as very "fine" then clarifying that he was definitely talking about his looks. Then after Stink mentioned something about Wiley and Brady having a bit of a "bro-mance" going on, professed his own love for Tom's adorable mug.

Wiley did come through with an excellent point though when he mentioned that he must be pretty good looking based on that girl on his arm. This is usually how I tell.

In regard to the best looking quarterbacks making the most money, this is a typical way for men to look at the world. He is the best looking, so he makes the most money. But let's think about this. Who decides which men are good looking? The women. Isn't it more like "he has the most money, so he is the best looking"? Just sayin'.

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