Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bears-Lions Preview

This Bears-Lions Preview was written by NQTC reader Ethan. Thanks go out to Ethan for allowing me to be lazy and not write this.

You know how teams have “bulletin board material” to psyche them up before games? Well, I wonder if this week, Lovie can put “1-15” on the board to instill fear in the hearts of the Bears players that they may give the Lions their one win on the season. When you look at the Lions’ remaining schedule, consider the fact that they suck more than usual with one of their top players just having been shipped to Dallas, and look at their pretend “NFL QBs” they have on their roster, an 0-16 season is not out of the realm of possibility. The Bears do not want to be the team to destroy that dream.

Things to note this week against the Lions:

  • I don’t know Orton’s career highs, but you have to imagine that he set them in Week 5 at Detroit. He was 24 for 34 in completions (70.6%), threw for 334 yards, and had a QB rating of 121.4. I would not be surprised if all of those are career highs for KO, and I would not be surprised to see him surpass some of these this week.

  • Nathan Vasher may be returning this week from his wrist injury. Although many rumors have swirled about him losing his starting job to Corey Graham, Vasher insists in today’s Tribune that his “track record” should be enough for him to take back the starting job on returning to 100% health. All I know is that the Bears secondary will not be hurt by Vasher’s return.

  • In Week 5, the Bears held the Lions to 131 total yards on their home turf. This week, the Bears get Vasher back (mentioned above), and are with Tommie Harris, who was suspended during the prior matchup. If the Bears D is returning to the vicious unit that we know they can be, the lions may be looking at only two digits in their total yardage. Did I mention that either Dan Orlovsky or Drew Stanton is playing QB for the Lions?

  • Soon-to-be mega-superstar first round pick Chris Williams may be making his NFL debut, not that the O-Line seems to need him this season. Are they playing better than expected or what?

  • The lighting is way different outdoors – how will Orlovsky know where the out-of-bounds lines are?
To sum it up, the Lions suck. My prediction: Bears 34 – Lions 13.


StevieY19 said...

Bears 21 - Calvin Johnson 24.

JFKFC said...

When the Lions lose, cause as we can all agree they suck, does it make Matt Millen happy from schadenfreude...or sad cause it was his asspicks that put them in that spot? Same question with Isiah...

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