Friday, October 10, 2008

Illini's First Hoops Practice Tomorrow. Outdoors?

I guess it's the thing to do now. Take your indoor sports outside. The NHL will hold their second straight outdoor game this season when the Wings and Hawks play at Wrigley Field and Illinois is holding its first basketball practice outdoors at Memorial Stadium Saturday.

Usually, Illinois does a "Midnight Madness" like most other big schools, but this year they're calling it the "World's Biggest Basketball Practice". People sure do love naming things. The practice will take place after the Illinois - Minnesota game, which is expected to draw about 60,000 people for Illinois' homecoming.

Will it still be the world's biggest practice if everyone leaves? So, while Northwestern has problems selling tickets to one of the best games this weekend, Illinois will have tens of thousands of people at a basketball practice. Makes sense to me.

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