Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Big Ten Power Rankings

1) Penn State- I don't see this one changing now that the Nittany Lions get a rest this week before going to Iowa and getting Indiana and MSU at home. Then again, I'm wrong a lot.

2) Ohio State- It has to feel bad for the Buckeyes to lose to PSU after all those guys passed up the NFL to win a national title. Especially when it was the freshman whose fumble was key in the loss. It has to feel bad for them, but the rest of us are free to rejoice.

3) Minnesota- This week I feel pretty good about Minnesota at third. I don't know why a road win at Purdue changed my mind, but damn it all they're 7-1. Look the hell out Alamo Bowl, Goldy Gopher is comin'!

4) Michigan State- Oh Sparty, how you make us laugh. The win this weekend was big for MSU, but I don't think a win against a 2-6 team justifies billboard trash talk and t-shirts. Anyway, Wisconsin at home will test the hangover this weekend.

5) Iowa- The Hawkeyes were idle last weekend; good strategy to move up the Power Rankings. Wisconsin's win over Illinois makes Iowa's beatdown of UW look more impressive. Shonn Greene for President! He's a running back!

6) Illinois- I caught most of the first half of the Illinois-Wisconsin game Saturday and figured the Illini would stop pummelling themselves and take over. Didn't happen. Time to bounce back. Look, Iowa is ahead of you in the rankings! They're laughing down at you. You going to take that?

7) Northwestern- Man, if there weren't some awful teams down there I would have dropped Northwestern much lower. A loss to Indiana? There are Indiana jokes, bad ones, in this feature every week! Not the kind of performance the Wildcats needed going into a stretch against Minnesota, Ohio State, Michigan, and Illinois. Or was it?

8) Wisconsin- The Badgers finally got a win in the Big Ten against Illinois this week. With four winnable games left, Wisconsin still has a good shot at 8-4. Not a good year for Wisconsin. Their parents wish they were more like their older brother.

9) Michigan- The defense was supposed to keep games close while the offense progressed. The offense hasn't progressed and the defense can't tackle.

10) India...just kidding, it's Purdue- Injuries and dissention among the players have plagued Joe Tiller's final season. Five straight losses now has everyone looking forward to an epic match-up on November 22nd with.....

11) Indiana- Yep, Purdue and Indiana. November 22nd ladies and gents. I'm trying to come up with a catchy name worthy of ESPN. So far it's "The Game to Forget in West Lafayette". Don't worry, it'll get better.

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