Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh ESPN and Their "Sources"

I'm sure some of you have caught wind of this business about Brett Favre sharing info on the Packer offense with the Detroit Lions. A couple of issues have festered to the point where I couldn't hold back a post anymore.

First, Brett Favre sharing information with the Lions about the Packers. What the hell? Why the Lions? Now there have been reports that it was Matt Millen who called Favre and requested the information (Millen's best move as GM for the Lions), but seriously Brett? When Favre finally left the Packers, only to dominate headlines for what seemed like years when talk of a return started up, I complained plenty about him hogging the spotlight, but it was mainly because I just don't like Favre through my years as a disgruntled Lions fan.

I complained that he was childish and attention-deprived. If this "liongate" business is true, which I tend to believe it is based on Jay Glazer's reputation for always being right, these will be two of the main traits I remember Mr. Favre by forever. Plus, former teammate LeRoy Butler has said that the business with the Lions is only the "tip of the iceberg" when it comes to Brett's torching of bridges on his way out of Green Bay.

Second, how is ESPN ignoring this story? I heard there was a blurb on their ticker this morning, but it has been almost entirely ignored. The network even went as far as to send out a memo warning employees not to report on the story because they have it from "reliable sources" that the story is not true. What are the odds that Favre is the source? Or someone Favre told it wasn't true?

I would like to know how often these memos go out. If Chris Mortenson doesn't get one of these memos every other day, they are underused. Of all the times ESPN has been dead wrong in recent years, it's going to be hilarious when their moment of caution turns out to be on a story that is actually true.


Stormin' Norman Disciple said...

You know that ESPN has people it likes and people it doesn't. The media had to stop slurping on Brett Favre's naughty bits for 5 minutes to send out that memo. F ESPN and F Favre.

Ethan said...

Don't forget F Packers

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