Sunday, October 12, 2008

Who Should Be The Focal Point of The Bulls Offense? Noah Makes His Side-Spinning Physics-Defying Jump Shot-esque Case

The Bulls had a scrimmage yesterday at the United Center that was open to fans. Not only did Joakim Noah show up sporting new RecSpecs, but supposedly he put on a clinic on the offensive end:
Center Joakim Noah, wearing protective goggles for the first time, launched one of his physics-defying, sideways-spinning jump shots and drained a 3-pointer.

After the ball dropped through the net, Noah pointed in the direction of coach Vinny Del Negro and assistant Del Harris. Noah said later he wasn't imploring the coaches to let him expand his shooting range in a real game.

"My teammates wanted me to shoot, probably because they thought I was going to miss," Noah said. "My release was just so on-point."

I still can't decide if I like this kid or hate him, but as long as he provides moments and quotes like this, at least he will entertain us.

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