Thursday, October 30, 2008

Big Diesel Gets Punked

The Big Moron (aka Shaq) was up to his usual tricks this preseason, mostly spouting off at the mouth like an idiot. He was bitching about Gregg Popovich utilizing the Hack-a-Shaq strategy in the Suns-Spurs playoff series last year by threatening Pop:
When you're down, I can see using that as a strategy. But when you're up 10, 15 points, there's really no need for that. That's a coward move. And he knows that. I'll make 'em pay for that.

Well the joke's on you Shaq:

Yup, that's Finley fouling Shaq 5 seconds into the game. Who says Popovich doesn't have a sense of humor?

1 comment:

Gavin said...

I hope his wife has a sense of humor with that beard of his. And that's after he trimmed it, it was worse in the preseason.

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