Monday, October 20, 2008

Deron Williams Ankle Injury? Blame The Rookie

Since no one who reads this site cares about the Bulls, from what I hear constantly from readers (I'll write about what I want anyways so leave me alone about it), I'll fill you in on the events of Saturday Night's preseason game with the Jazz. Early in the game Deron Williams took a jumper and landed awkwardly on Derrick Rose's foot. He ended up hurting his ankle and is having an MRI. Anyways, Jazz fans are pretty sure it wasn't because of any dirty play on Rose's part:
I watched the replay of the play that injured Williams probably 10 times on at the airport. It doesn't appear to me as if Derrick Rose did anything Bruce Bowen-esque by deliberately sticking his foot under Williams as he landed. Of course, we haven't heard whether Williams thought Rose did anything wrong. As a sidenote, one of the NBA's points of emphasis this season involves preventing defenders from sticking their feet under shooters in the air.
Sounds like a veiled accusation to me, especially considering that the play was pretty clearly an accident. Stop whining Jazz fans. D. Rose is my boy and I won't have you badmouthing him. Oh and best wishes to Deron, I'll always love you and I hope the injury isn't severe.

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