Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Big Ten Power Rankings

1) Penn State- Ooohhh, tough night game at Wisconsin. Shit bitch, Joe Pa doesn't even remember what happened, but Penn State killed 'em 48-7. Is it time to start talking about Derrick Williams for Heisman?

2) Ohio State- Can't wait until the big match-up in two weeks when Ohio State travels to Penn State. The Bucks shouldn't look past MSU though, but it's not like anything bad has happened when they've look past MSU before. Right?

3) Michigan State- Ugh. I hate putting the Spartans here. I really don't think they are this good, but there isn't much I can do when they keep on winning games.

4) Minnesota- Whaaaa? No, that's it: Whaaaaa?

5) Illinois- The Illini should still be one of the most feared teams in the conference. Juice Williams is putting up ridiculous numbers keeping the offense flowing. Sure the defense is shaky, but Illinois will outscore you. Not you Minnesota. Not you Penn State.

6) Northwestern- The Wildcats would have kept it close with Michigan State, but for some turnovers. Why do people say this? Aren't we just saying "except for sucking, they were awesome"?

7) Wisconsin- The Badgers don't have a win in the Big Ten yet. So much for preseason contender.

8) Iowa- Impressive showing this past weekend. It was against Indiana, but anytime Iowa scores over 40 points these days, it was a phenomenal game.

9) Purdue- Two weeks in a row the Boilermakers have played top teams tough (PSU, OSU). Either they're improving, or teams are just bored beating them.

10) Michigan- Before you laugh too hard Penn State fans, remember this. And this. But, when you lose to Toledo you get to be last in the Big Ten power rankings.

11) Indiana- Unless there are 11 teams and one of them is Indi-frickin-ana.

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