Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Richard Jefferson Won't Say Nocioni Is A Dirty Player, Then Calls Him A Dirty Player

In case you haven't heard, the Bucks play the Bulls tonight for the season opener. What makes this interesting are a few sub-plots that may create some good drama. The obvious storyline being Scott Skiles coming back to coach against his old team. Another story developing, however, is a rivalry between the players. During Friday's preseason game with the Bucks, Richard Jefferson committed a hard foul on Derrick Rose, causing him to miss the rest of the game with a hip flexor (no worries, he should be fine for tonight). A little later in the game, Nocioni proceeded to hack Jefferson across the arms. This led to an altercation involving Kirk Hinrich and Luke Ridnour. Was the foul meant as retaliation? R-Jeff thinks so:

“How long have you been following the Bulls? What type of player do you think Nocioni is?" Jefferson answered. "Don't ask me a question if you already know the answer."

“You know my take by the question I'm asking," he replied. "I know it's your job to ask questions, but that doesn't mean we have to answer them or we can't ask you questions. You could bait me into saying something stupid or talk trash. We've got to play them first game of the year. But you know the type of player Nocioni is, so let's leave it at that."

The only reason I want Nocioni to get minutes tonight is to piss off Jefferson. He's soft and always settles for jump shots and never lived up to his potential. I hate guys like that. If I had his talent I would try more. I guess that's what happens playing next to Vince Carter for so many years. That being said, yes, Nocioni is a dirty player.

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